Vêtements fabriqués en France par Nevice - Marque éco-responsable
Vêtements durables fabriqués en France par Nevice - Marque éco-responsable

2023 summer must haves

Summer is around the corner and it’s about time we change our wardrobes into something light, colourful and stylish. Have you been thinking on how you can have a practical but effortless summer wardrobe? We have some ideas for you. Summer wardrobes should always consider comfort and practicality while complimenting your personal style. By choosing light, breathable fabrics and versatile pieces, you can create a wardrobe that will keep you feeling cool and confident all season long. We have a few clothing suggestions that we believe they are summer must haves.


Summer is not complete if you don’t add a beautiful kimono into your wardrobe. A kimono is a must have as it’s not just artistic but comfortable and versatile. When you are looking for an easy fit, comfy but stylish outfit in summer, a kimono is your best option. You can throw it on a dress or a pair of jeans with a tank top, wear it at the beach as a cover up, or style it differently with a belt and make a cute robe outfit on the go. Apart from giving you the cool and comfortable look, kimonos are very sustainable as you can create multiple outfit from one piece. You can wear them all summer long and even extend to the next weather seasons. They are very easy to style and still make a fashion statement.

Flare skirt

The flattering silhouette of the flair skirt is not just cute but very comfortable to wear as it’s not tight around the hips or legs. They are perfect for summer because they let in some air and you don’t have to worry about a sweaty day. Flare skirts are very versatile as you can have a number of outfits from just one skirt. You can wear it with a nice blouse, a pair of sneakers or sandals and you are ready to go. In general flare skirts are not just best for summer but all year long. Their timeless style, easy movement and versatility make them a sustainable option that you can wear and re-wear.

Big bag

Big bags are not just trendy but something you will be grateful to have during summer. They are very practical as well as they can carry weights. In the summer, you may need to carry more items with you, such as a water bottle, sunscreen, a hat, and a book or magazine. A larger bag can accommodate these items, making it more convenient to carry everything you need with you.
They can be a stylish accessory to your outfit as they often come in colourful patterns and bold prints. Either carrying it to the beach as a beach bag, packing your picnic essentials or running errands, big bags are definitely a summer must have.

Hair accessories

We all agree summer can be extremely hot on some days. For those who have long hair, it’s best to have a few hair accessories in your wardrobe, such as hairbands and scrunchies. These little things are not just cute to wear, but they can be useful in the heat. You can tie your hair up and enjoy your walk on a sunny day. This is your assurance to a no bad hair day in summer.

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